Wingsys interactivity at RTP Açores museum

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Wingsys interactivity at RTP Açores museum

RTP entered into a new era and presented, last Monday, the new facilities shared between radio and television in the Azores. The Portuguese reference television channel has chosen Famasete and a local partner to incorporate, equip and provide the latest digital and interactive technology throughout the RTP museum nucleus in Ponta Delgada.

The museum offers to visitors a “journey” to the past, present and future of the channel through the Wingsys technology that allows to create an interaction with the public. This is possible through the use of multi-touch screens and software, interactive experiences with virtual reality glasses and recreational spaces of the fauna and flora of the archipelago, which tell the story of the RTP Azores.

The overall investment was around 2 million euros in rehabilitation works and new equipment. The ceremony was attended by the president of the regional government, Vasco Cordeiro, who presided over the inauguration of this new space, with live broadcast on the public television channel.

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