Technology upgrade queue management systems

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Technology upgrade queue management systems

The use of technologies improves the queue management systems and reduces the waiting time of clients in queues. This is, in fact, a qualitative feature that can be differentiated when choosing your service to the customer and the one used by your competitor.

Today there are queues for all kinds of services: hospitals, pharmacies, museums, hotels, supermarkets, public administration, cinemas, shops, among many other examples. This could have a positive impact on the impact of a particular business, but may also represent poor management and quality of service, which could lead to constant customer complaints that “tarnish the image” of the service or product. In fact, this is a problem that affects all those involved directly, since clients are forced to wait, sometimes long minutes, to be properly served (situations that cause discomfort and annoyance to the client) and that situations, if they are overwhelmed with the influx of service.

However, many innovative technological solutions for queue management are now being highlighted that can not only respond to this problem, but also enhance the user experience during the waiting period, making it more enjoyable and less cumbersome. In addition to creating a comfortable, clean and organized environment, companies will be able to provide customers with various customer services.

For example, in a public service, hospital or pharmacy location, through the placement of portable interactive kiosk with queuing and service queue management software that directs users to the most indicated service, which gives them the waiting time and it still sends you a sms to the smartphone indicating when and where it will be answered. At various points in the space, you can deploy digital signage and multitouch displays (allowing multiple users to interact simultaneously and viewing different content) that convey relevant information to the client and thus allow the user to interact with the institution and with the contents available (websites, videos, images, games, news, among others).

If you have a restaurant or an amusement park, then you can choose to install several interactive kiosks for queue management in strategic locations with your own software and hardware and certified to view and select products and services, make reservations and make payments.

If you are director of a museum or interpretive center you can opt for digital tables or interactive kiosks for queue managementthat will provide the client with an information service and reservation of tickets for different exhibitions. After purchase at the kiosk, the customer can download their ticket through a QRCode and present it in the museum access area for a good queue management.

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