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Never get lost!

For a large number of groups of people, leisure areas of sufficient size and capacity have been created to make everyone feel comfortable. It became necessary to quickly guide the population to the place they intend to run in the so-called Directories.

At Famasete we are at the forefront with interactive 3D directories. Access maps, news, key events from a location and even emergency contacts.
All this and much more available on this platform capable of being downloaded to your smartphone.

With these software integrated in our kiosks, the visitor quickly finds his way, without bluntness, without complications!

Interactive Tourism Shops

Tourism has been, in recent years, one of the economic engines of the world. Bearing in mind that nowadays almost all cities have a huge tourist potential, the “Turismo Porto e Norte de Portugal” organization was created, which sought to leverage the tourist potential of the main cities in the northern region of our country. Vizela was the first city in the northern Portugal to be classified as a “Cittaslow,” an international movement whose aim is to identify villages and small towns with less than 50,000 inhabitants that offer a better quality of life for their populations.

When new tourist stores were designed, it was understood that the path was to create new, modern and technologically advanced Tourism Booths capable of giving tourists the information they need 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The interactive mupis that the Wingsys brand marketed, state-of-the-art models designed for outdoor operation were the central pieces that made it possible, even with the closed tourist office, tourists are able to consult all the relevant information about the city and the places to visit.

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