House of the Territory of Vila Nova de Famalicão

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House of the Territory of Vila Nova de Famalicão

Vila Nova de Famalicão is a portuguese city located in the district of Braga, with 33,048 inhabitants. In 2014, the Devesa’s Park was inaugurated, in an area of about 26 hectares of green space. In this ample place was also created the House of the Territory, a new cultural and historical space that opens to the city. Ideal for small shows, conferences and exhibitions, this house is has an auditorium with capacity for 150 people and preserves the marks of the past, bridging the present and future.

The Town Hall of V. N. de Famalicão bets on this space as an anchor point to bring local visitors to the Park and even other cities. In the exhibition Time, Space & Be, a permanent exhibition was created on Vila Nova de Famalicão divided into three areas: “Water Line (environment)”, “Line of Pathways and Flows (development)” and “Line of People and Relations (culture)”. All the digital and interactive technology that was incorporated into the scope of the exhibition was welcome. This was precisely the challenge launched at Famasete. We chose to install Wingsys Digital Signage interactive solutions, particularly the TA007 family models (interactive table, vertical mupi and multimedia kiosk) to tell, explain and show various types of historical contente. In this way, the intention was to pass the information to the visitors of the exhibition in an innovative and more interesting way, without ever losing the historical rigor that was imposed in an exhibition of this nature.

Famasete has also created individual video zones using headphones and also sound umbrellas (a very specific sound column that is only audible when the user is in a certain location).

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