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We use multitouch technology to build high performance software systems to enable businesses

About Us

Famasete - Technology Group
Famasete appeared in 1995 with a centralized position in the commercialization of computer equipment. In 2009, presented the first interactive table in Portugal and was distinguished as market leader in innovative solutions and now it is international producer of multitouch interactive systems.
The Wingsys brand was developed to identify the full range of interactive products and experiences created by Famasete. This concept presents several multitouch solutions such as interactive tables, indoor and outdoor mupis, multimedia kiosks and store management solutions, applicable to several areas.
Quality Policy
For us, the quality and effectiveness of our products are very important. We ambition every day for the total satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. To this end, Famasete considers the implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System in accordance with the NP EN ISO : 9001.

Why Famasete?

Famasete has more than 20 years of experience in the technology market and focus on innovative investment, action and development, creating their own products and services, such as Wingsys brand, E-asy and Technological Ambulance.
Global solutions, education, interactivity, B2B, audio and video, involving specific projects or products, customization, implementation and maintenance.
And because Famasete is not only built on satisfied customers, it is also internationally recognized with awards and distinctions for innovative quality and design.
Certifications of several reference entities: certified company UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008, FCC and CE marking.
We commercialize and insert in our products and projects quality Solutions. So we establish partnerships with the most important and loyal brands worldwide.


The Wingsys brand has several types of products, such as interactive tables, multimedia kiosks (indoor or outdoor), ipad / tablet pc kiosks, among others.

In addition, and because we are manufacturers, we have the ability to design and create any interactive product tailored to customer needs.

However, our strategy has been to create a family of products of excellence that, with the same design, is adaptable to any customer's needs. Thus was born the family with the reference TA007.

In fact, there are seven beauty products and design awarded internationally and with FCC certification and CE marking with interactive technology.

These Wingsys interactive systems can be purchased with software specifically designed to work in a multi-touch environment.

The Wingsys brand has a software specific to the needs of each customer. The usability of the WINGSYS products is related to the chosen software.

As a versatile interactive solution, its products are now used in a wide range of areas, such as public administration, banking and insurance, tourism and hospitality, education, museums, events and exhibitions, as many others.

All these products are CE marked and FCC certified and undergo exhaustive electromagnetic quality tests, using machines duly certified by the competent bodies.



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The children’s education is very important to us!

The children’s education is very important to us!

The children’s education is very important to us! The TA007
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It is great to know that efficient and innovative technologies like that are made in Portugal.

Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (President of the Portuguese Republic)

Famasete is a company that for many years has been part of our daily life in various sectors such as education and that we have the privilege of counting on its participation in our journey and consequently our affirmation (…) that builds solutions with high added value for our territory. It’s very gratifying for me to see that your products are present in the daily lives of many people and entities all over the world.

Paulo Cunha (Mayor of V.N. Famalicão)

Today, with 20 years of existence and experience, Famasete is leader in the portuguese market with regard to the design and implementation of technological projects, exporting to several countries.

AICEP Portugal

Famasete is a company that inspires a lot of confidence. The products are fantastic and never tire of surprising us. Without a doubt, always at the forefront of technology.

Ana Melo



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Seal of Excellence Famalicão Visão’25

Seal of Excellence Famalicão Visão’25

Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão – Portugal

Famasete was one of the seven companies that has the Seal of Excellence Famalicão Visão’25.

Through the “Wingsys” project, Famasete was awarded this stamp by the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão, in the “Famalicão Made In” category, which characterizes all the projects that promote technological incorporation, seek excellence in production, develop an economy based on knowledge and innovation and increase competitiveness and internationalization.


Special Award

Special Award

Secretary General EMF, Digital Signage Summit – Dubai

Famasete was won the prize “Special Award” for innovative products in one of the most important digital signage events in the world, the Digital Signage Summit Mena in Dubai.

This is an annual event targeted to new technologies and digital signage companies. The competition honored smart projects with a sustainable strategy into four categories: Retail, Transport and Infrastructure, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) and Special Award.

The jury was made up of consultants and experts in the area who evaluated each project according to its interaction content, design, purpose and the technology used.

European Seal of e-Excellence Award

European Seal of e-Excellence Award

Cebit – Germany

Famasete received the gold stamp in the category of product/service innovation, an international award distinction the for companies with innovative digital products.

The contest involves more than 100 companies worldwide of the ICT área. The award is given by the EMF through a jury of experts in this área, at the opening ceremony of the CeBIT 2013, an exhibition of new global technologies in Hannover, Germany.

Aplauso 2016

Aplauso 2016

Millennium bcp – Portugal

Millennium bcp applauds the companies and entrepreneurs who chose to take a step forward and raise the name of the portuguese market through a partnership with the bank.

Famasete was one of the distinguished companies of the contest in 2016.

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